top shelf cbd flower guide

How to Identify Top Shelf CBD Flower

CBD flower is growing in popularity as a method for getting the benefits of CBD. But how do you know if your CBD flower is the good stuff?

What makes some CBD flower better than others? Can I tell by the smell? What does high-quality CBD flower look like? 

We’ll answer all these questions and more in this Top Shelf CBD Flower Guide because quality directly correlates with effectiveness for medicinal purposes.

top shelf cbd flower

You may be surprised to find out how far along the CBD flower game has come. The quality of CBD flower makes it almost indistinguishable from top shelf cannabis you find at dispensaries.

CBD buds will NOT get you high. Still, there are levels to the different qualities of CBD flower available, and you deserve to know what is best. 

It's important that you know what to look for before making a decision on which CBD flower is right for your needs. In this article, we will discuss how to identify quality in CBD flowers and what traits they should have.

How to Recognize Quality in CBD Flower

The quality of CBD flower varies from batch to batch. It can be difficult to identify quality before you buy, but there are some telltale signs that will help you make an informed decision about what kind of product to purchase.

You should be able to trust the labels and claims made by CBD companies that you find on the internet, but currently, that is not always the case. 

CBD flower should be tested to ensure it has a high concentration of CBD and other cannabinoids that are important for medical use. 

You must order from a trusted CBD flower provider. Choosing Fenix will make this part easy and for you and you will have consistently high-quality buds. 

best cbd flower

So now you know who you can trust to buy CBD flower from. Now, we can dive deeper and take a look at your nugs and what makes them high quality. 

Beyond the Label

When choosing a CBD flower, it's important to consider where it was grown and how it was processed. CBD flower that is organically grown without pesticides and a loving and nurturing grower and the best way to go!

CBD flower is grown from female non-psychoactive cannabis sativa L hemp plants and contains high levels of CBD and under 0.3% delta 9 THC (will not get you high). The flowers are harvested when they are in full bloom and then dried and cured.

The flower should be grown in a clean and sterile environment to ensure that there are no contaminants present. Ordering CBD flower from brands that you trust is the way to ensure that your CBD flower is free of other unwanted substances. 

Again, choosing Fenix is always a safe call, and you can trust these tests are being successfully implemented.

How Does Your CBD Flower Look? 

Take a look at the appearance of the CBD flower. The buds should be dense and covered in trichomes. The leaves should be a bright green color and have no signs of wilting. 

The best CBD flower available will have large, dense nugs and should resemble the top shelf marijuana that has THC in it. However, these nugs will not get you high.

CBD flower and traditional marijuana can look very similar. Understanding the differences is important when it comes to purchasing CBD flowers or any other type of medical marijuana.

Although there are many different variables that can affect the quality of your final product (where grown, how processed), one of the most reliable indicators is trichomes—the resin glands on cannabis flowers that produce cannabinoids like THC and CBD. 

What are Trichomes?

Trichomes are little hairy growths on the flower that produce cannabinoids and terpenes. The more trichomes a plant has, the higher the quality of CBD it will have. So, when looking for top shelf CBD flower, you want to find strains with lots of trichomes.

Trichomes are the tiny little glands on a cannabis plant that produce cannabinoids and terpenes. They're called ‘glands’ because they actually look like individual mushrooms protruding from stems, leaves, flowers, and even fan leaves. 

Trichomes can be clear or amber when dried but often turn brown with age or during curing. 

They also look different when they're in the flowering stage versus during vegetative growth. 

Trichomes are what produce terpenes, which have an amazing array of benefits that include anti-inflammatory properties and aid with everything from anxiety to epilepsy.

Identifying Quality CBD Flower by the Smell

One of the first things you can look at is the smell. Good-quality CBD flowers will have a strong and earthy aroma. If the flower smells like hay or grass, it is likely not of high quality.

There are some CBD flower strains out there that will be almost as loud as the skunk kush that is only legal in certain states. But luckily for you, you can buy this CBD flower legally online. 

The pungency of CBD flowers is directly linked to their potency. The more pungent a flower smells, the more CBD it contains. So, if you are looking for a strong dose of CBD, look for flowers that have a powerful aroma.

However, not all powerful smells are good. If the smell is very strong, but does not seem pleasant, then this means that there might be other chemicals in addition to CBD.

Identifying Quality CBD Flower by the Touch

The consistency and density of your CBD flower is also a prime indicator of what quality your buds are. 

Top shelf CBD flower should be slightly sticky but not wet. It should crumble slightly when you break it, but it should not be dry. 

We all know the importance of moisture in growing healthy plants, but sometimes it's hard to maintain an exact level. If you have too much or not enough - both are considered low-quality signals.

Best Strains of CBD Flower

Some of the best CBD strains for quality include:

Blueberry Muffin Strain

Krypto Kush

Sour Space Candy 

Pineapple OG

These strains are high-CBD, low-THC cannabis strains that have been used to treat a variety of medical conditions. 

They range from sweet to earthy in flavor and are a mix of indica, sativa, and hybrids.

Tips for the Best CBD Flower Storage

For long-term storage of your herbs or tinctures, consider investing in glass jars that are not only sturdy but also airtight and UV-protected. Keep these containers closed tightly to keep light out and your products fresh.

If you live in a warm climate, it’s important to store your CBD flower and other herbal remedies in the fridge or freezer. The cold will help keep them from going bad quickly. However, do not store them in the freezer for too long as this could affect the potency of the product.

Tips for Smoking your CBD Flower

We recommend using hemp wick to avoid consuming any of the carcinogens that are released when burning cannabis with a lighter.

Any classic way of smoking weed will work the same with CBD flower. 

CBD flower burns well in a vaporizer for those of you that need to take extra health precautions. 

If you want a classic smoke session but you don’t want the THC, our flower is perfect for rolling up a joint or packing a pipe or bong. 

Types of CBD Flower - Conclusion

If you want the best possible CBD flower, it’s important to understand what makes a strain high quality. 

Look at the trichomes of your nugs. This is the best way to tell if a strain is of good quality.

Make sure you’re buying top shelf CBD flower from a trusted source like Fenix. Now the only hard part is choosing which strain you like the most.