1000mg TRUE Full Spectrum CBD CBG CBC Tincture with Real Terpenes

Our 1000mg true full spectrum tincture will give you the full array of medicinal benefits available to be extracted from the hemp plant.

30 Day Supply

Rich in beneficial terpenes and phytonutrients like CBD, CBG & CBC.

True Full Spectrum Hemp Infused Drops by Elevar Wellness have an earthy taste and are formulated using MCT oil and full spectrum hemp extract with ZERO additives, artificial flavorings, glycerines or sugars. 

Full Spectrum Terpenes for Your Body

Most CBC tincture producers use unhealthier oil foundations such as palm oil. The MCT oil used for formulating our terpene tincture is made from coconuts - much healthier and reliable for absorbing the full spectrum of terpenes.   

Fast-metabolizing and produced thoughtfully without chemicals or solvents, this terpene tincture reduces stress and relieve aches and pains. The True Full Spectrum formula is entirely vegan and non-GMO.

SAFETY IS ALWAYS OUR PRIORITY, so these test FREE of pesticides, heavy metals & residual solvents. We only use real terpenes.

CBD Tincture Rich in CBC Terpenes and CBG Terpene Amounts

TRUE Full Spectrum products are rich in beneficial terpenes and phytonutrientsfrom the hemp plant like CBD, CBG & CBC.

Made from organically grown hemp, this terpene tincture possesses a concentration of the most important medicinal properties of the plant: CBC terpenes, CBG terpene properties, and CBD

30 Day MONEY BACK GUARANTEE if you are unsatisfied with your treatment from our  terpene tinctures.