1G Broad Spectrum CBD CBG CBC CBN Diamond Cartridge With Strain Specific Terpenes (510 Thread Compatible)

REQUIRES A 510 Compatible Cartridge Battery. Need one? Click Here.
Your Safety Is Our #1 Priority So We Use 100% Internal Ceramic Components On Our Cartridges! (90% of the market used metal internal components which could lead to TOXIC metal leeching like lead and arsenic)
Superior Flavor! No metal aftertaste. 
ZERO PG, VG, MCT, VITAMIN E or Any Other Artificial Flavorings. 
We source only the BEST broad spectrum distillate packed with multiple phytonutrients.
Quadruple 3rd Party Lab Tested for Potency & FREE of Pesticides, Heavy Metals & Residual Solvents.
700mg + Total Phytocannabinoids - CBD + CBG + CBC + CBN + Canna Terpenes + Strain Specific Terpenes (Click Here For 3rd Party Lab Test)
Sativa (uplighting and energetic)
Strain: "Pineapple Jack"
Hybrid (features sativa and indica properties)
Strain: "Citrus Rise"
Indica (relaxing flow)
Strain: "Girl Scout Cookies"