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FENIX - Premium Hemp Preroll Sour Space Candy (SATIVA)

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Flower characteristics

Sour Space Candy CBD flower is a Sativa-dominant, hybrid strain that provides energizing and uplifting effects.

The taste of the Sour Space Candy is a mix of citrus and diesel, mixed with some Earthy undertones.

The dominant terpenes of this strain are limonene and pinene, other terpene include myrcene and germacrene.

Why Choose a fénix 1g Pre Roll?

  • Fresh Crushed Buds, Never Any Shake or Trim providing Maximum Terpene Content & Potency
  • 3rd Party Lab Tested Guaranteed always Free of Pesticides & Heavy Metals
  • CBD Pre Rolls are Grown Organically in the Emerald Triangle
  • Small Batch Production and Corkage Ensure Minimal Terpene Loss
  • Available in 10 Amazing Strains of Pre Rolls

Our 1 gram CBD Pre Rolls are slick and quick, . Relax and smoke a CBD Pre Roll that will satisfy your smoking sensibilities while providing you with essential health benefits found in Cannabinoids.

Pre Rolled joints of our CBD flower are perfect for smokers wanting pristinely rolled joints without dealing with sticky buds. 

Each order of pre rolled CBD joints by fénix are rolled up in small batches and are packed and stored freshly.


    Spark up anywhere that smoking is allowed. Our CBD Pre Rolls are, of course, under the legal limit of THC to comply with federal hemp laws.